Insect development is lagging behind

June 18, 2013

Good news for your lawn!


The cooler than normal weather has insect development lagging behind a normal season. For instance, our GTI site superintendent was working up one of the research ranges last week and tilled up a mass of 3rd instar European chafers. There was no sign of pupae or adults yet. In most years the first European chafer adult flights usually begin by mid-June. Annual bluegrass weevil adults are still being found in the turf and there are mostly the early instar weevil larvae being found in salt solution soaking up until now. The cool, wet conditions will also help mask the annual bluegrass weevil damage. We are also still finding large numbers of black turfgrass ataenius adults in our bi-weekly soap flushes here at GTI. Another weevil that is on the move now is the bluegrass billbug. We have observed a small number or adults moving in to the turf over the…

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